About Us

Dowell International was formed in 1995 as a proprietorship company and later incorporated as a private limited liability company to meet the various business demands and opportunities. After being established in Sri Lanka, over the years our company with its excellent performance has expanded its operations and overseas activities in Singapore, China & Timor-Leste by forming companies with several other joint venture projects with along with foreign principle companies.

As an extremely diversified international firm, we are primarily engaged in trading (import, export & distribution) closely collaborating with foreign principle companies as its representative for various projects in Sri Lanka and globally.

Among our many affiliations we are proud members of American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka-China Business Co-operation Council and the National Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka.

It was also our organization which introduced Live JE VACCINE into Sri Lanka along with Supply Mother Vessel to the Sri Lankan Government.

Having registered with the Ministry of Finance & Planning, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Urban Development and Water Drainage, Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Ministry of Highways and Road Development and the Ministry of Ports and Aviation, these are our several of key government partners to which we continuously provide our services to and with whom we have built a lasting partnership.

First company to introduce
Chinese Biological Products
in Sri Lanka.


American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka-China Business Co-operation Council

National Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka