Overseas Activities

Our corporate family has expanded substantially and it keeps on doing so by the formation of several companies in Singapore, China and Timor-Leste thereby incorporating the developed and developing nations in the region.

Dowell Asia Private Limited in Singapore

Main function of this company is to co-ordinate the various business opportunities throughout the continents as Singapore is an undisputed business and logistics hub in Asia, assuring the highest quality services and products are traded.

Weifang Dowell Export & Import Co. Ltd., China

We strongly believe that trade too can facilitate strong ties between nations. Hence this company effectively ensures the smooth flow of the trading activities between China & Sri Lanka. As a facilitator and interlocker, it has grown along with the surge in Sino-Lankan bilateral trade.

Dowell Timor Holdings LDA in Timor Leste

This company was inaugurated to contribute towards the development of Timor Leste (one of the youngest nation on our planet) in all aspects such as providing required corporate expertise, human resources, funding, supplies to the Timorese Government to be utilised in infrastructure development.

We also engage in various trading activities to make essential international products available in Timor Leste.

Joint venture with Weifang Kawa Medical Products Co. Ltd., China

By this venture manufacture and export Disposable Surgical medical products from China to other countries all around the globe.

Dowell Medico Private Limited, Sri Lanka

Has been established to actively engage in the private market activities of medical/healthcare industries in Sri Lanka.

NCPC Dowell Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

A joint venture company formed in collaboration with M/S NCPC International Corp, an international arm of M/S North China Pharmaceutical Corporation (NCPC), one of the largest Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical/chemical manufacturers in China.

Our joint venture company with NCPC shall be the first Chinese Government controlled Pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka.